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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions.

How can I list my store on TracknTake?

To list your store simply press on the "Join Now" Button and fill in your information.

How can I access the TracknTake Partner Portal?

You can access it through the provided link: https://cms.trackntake.com/

How does TracknTake benefit my shop?

Our app enables small businesses and those seeking a wider customer audience to increase or establish their digital presence with us. By being displayed to all users of the app in proximity to the shop, these stores can enhance their competitive advantage.

What is TracknTake?

The TracknTake App is a GPS-based mobile application designed to connect users with local shops in their vicinity. It allows users to discover and purchase products from these shops quickly and conveniently, blending the comfort of technology with the charm of in-store shopping.

How much does it cost?

When you sell your products & services on our marketplace, we take a small commission of 3% for each sale you make and an annual service fee of 59 EUR. These fees are deducted from your earnings, which means we will never bill you for our services. You can always cancel your account with us at any time without any commitment and extra cost.


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